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ANALYSIS: HP Absent from Silicon Valley M&A Scene

Under current circumstances, engaging in non-distressed M&A activity is a sign of financial health. While other top-earning Silicon Valley firms roll forward with strategic acquisitions, HP Inc.—which on Wednesday reported an 11% fall in revenue and announced that it is now among the growing list of companies to suspend buybacks—has zero M&A deals under its belt so far this year.

ANALYSIS: Legal Tech’s Boom Wanes, But It Isn’t Over Yet

Legal tech is hurting from the Covid-19 downturn, but this doesn’t spell doom for the legal tech sector. The pandemic’s work-from-home environment has forced an attitude adjustment, even among the legal industry’s most stubborn Luddites. And that will provide an opportunity for legal tech companies.

ANALYSIS: Libra Sends Strong Message With CEO and GC Hires

Libra’s recent announcements of its first CEO, former Under Secretary of the Treasury for TFI Stuart Levey, and first GC, former FinCEN and OFAC director Robert Werner, fundamentally change the outlook for the cryptocurrency project by positioning itself as well as possible to satisfy U.S. regulators and Congress.

ANALYSIS: Elon Musk—Corporate Governance Meets Performance Art

It is not unusual for a CEO to comment on the company’s current stock price. It is, however, unusual for a CEO to do so on Twitter in a series of tweets, in which he talks about selling off his possessions, paraphrases Dylan Thomas and mentions that his girlfriend is mad at him.

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