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ANALYSIS: US Lead in ESG Bonds Wavers Amid Regulatory Unknowns

The US has been the top country for ESG debt issuances since 2012, but the US may soon lose its position as the leader. A look at other countries’ bond issuance behaviors hints that other factors—significantly the SEC’s threat to require greater transparency in ESG—are likely at play.

ANALYSIS: How Crypto Winter Could Alter Basel Banking Standards

In December, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision issued prudential standards for how banks should handle cryptoassets, adding that it will likely refine those standards later. As crypto winter sets in, we can expect those changes to center around how the standards organize crypto assets by risk.

ANALYSIS: Meet the Law Schools Leading the Way in Innovation

Bloomberg Law’s Law School Innovation Program recognizes law schools that are advancing new approaches to student instruction, legal technology, and experiential learning. And the program’s inaugural cohort of finalists showcased 10 innovations in particular that are leading the way.

ANALYSIS: Meet-and-Confer Mandate Has Minor Effect on Motions

It’s still unclear whether FRCP 30(b)(6)'s meet-and-confer amendment is reducing motion practice. Federal court dockets show that the number of motions is creeping downwards, but attorneys surveyed by Bloomberg Law didn’t notice much of a change.

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