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Journey’s ‘Messy’ Feud Fueled by Trademark Fight, Old Contracts

The trademark feud embroiling the rock band Journey is in many ways a familiar story of bands struggling to untangle valuable rights when they split or disagree, spurred by big egos and even bigger piles of money. But its dispute is further complicated by an allegedly fraudulent corporate takeover and unusual structures around the band’s trademark on its name.

Trump Taps Wilson in New Try to Fill Fifth Circuit Seat

Mississippi state appeals court judge Cory Wilson is President Donald Trump’s intended pick to fill a vacant seat on the New Orleans-based federal appeals court after Republican opposition derailed the previous nominee, the White House said.

Opportunity Zones: Will Tax Break for Investors Benefit Communities Too?

The 2017 tax overhaul included incentives to invest in distressed communities. Investors benefit from tax breaks and the designated opportunity zones benefit from economic investment, but critics say already-wealthy investors don’t need these breaks.

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