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Law School Graduates -- Insights: Georgetown University Law School graduates throw their velvet caps into the air while posing for photographs in front of the U.S. Supreme Court May 20, 2016.

Bar Exam Has Got to Go, Law School Dean Says (Podcast)

On today’s episode on our weekly legal news podcast, On The Merits, we talk about the flaws of the bar exam, and what could and should replace it, with the dean of the Willamette University College of Law, Brian Gallini.

CDC Issues New Eviction Moratorium After Liberal Criticism

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended a ban evictions in areas of the country with substantial and high transmission of coronavirus on Tuesday, after a firestorm of criticism from Democrats following the lapse of a previous moratorium on Saturday.

2021 Bloomberg Law DEI Framework - Learn More

Infrastructure Bills Are Easy, Try Building Stuff

As Congress continues to debate a massive infrastructure bill, we look at five reasons why it's so difficult to build stuff in America.

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Bar Exam Has Got to Go, Law School Dean Says

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