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Wall Street Whistleblowers Tip Off SEC — But Hear Nothing Back

Janice Shell likes to sniff out fraud. An art historian by training, she once spent her days digging through Renaissance archives in Italy. Now, she pores over financial filings. She hunts for sketchy penny stocks, then flags them on message boards. In several cases, the SEC sanctioned companies she’d called out—and for the same reasons.

Manchin Spat With FERC Chair Glick Splits Energy Industry Groups

The energy sector is treading carefully in publicly choosing sides in Sen. Joe Manchin’s refusal to advance the renomination of Richard Glick, chair of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, torn between two powerful figures with sway over electric and natural gas projects.

The Billable Hour: Why Big Law Just Can't Quit It

The billable hour, for better or worse, dominates Big Law. Here's how that happened. Also, the main arguments for it, criticisms against it, and how some of the alternative fee arrangements stack up.

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