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Patent Owners May Look to Business Ties After Venue Ruling

Patent owners may start digging deeper into business relationships to steer cases to certain venues after the Federal Circuit ruled that a lawsuit against Alphabet Inc. subsidiary Google LLC couldn’t be heard in the Eastern District of Texas.

Walgreen’s, Kroger’s Drug Pricing Claims Against J&J Revived

Walgreen Co. and Kroger Co. can sue Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Biotech Inc. for allegedly inflating prices for the biologic Remicade, despite an anti-assignment provision in a contract between wholesale drug distributors and the drugmakers, the Third Circuit said Friday.

Making Millions Off Others’ Lawsuits: How Litigation Finance Works

For centuries it was considered taboo for a third-party to have a financial stake in a lawsuit. Today, thanks to an industry re-examining the relevance of legal doctrines from feudal times, a new crop of firms have sprouted to invest in lawsuits for profit. The concept, known as litigation finance, has quickly spawned a multi-billion dollar industry that is getting the attention of the country’s largest law firms.

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