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Twitter, Google, Facebook Mostly Immune to ISIS Attack Lawsuits

Google, Twitter, and Facebook must continue fighting claims that they aided and abetted an act of international terrorism after the Ninth Circuit revived a lawsuit brought by family members of an individual killed at the Reina nightclub massacre in Istanbul, Turkey.

GOP Blocks Senate Voting Bill in Showdown Over Elections

Senate Republicans blocked Democrats’ expansive overhaul of U.S. election laws from advancing to the chamber floor, dealing the Democratic majority a defeat on a chief 2020 campaign promise and underscoring their limited power in a chamber evenly split between the two political parties.

If Women Still Earn Less, Can Laws Even Fix The Pay Gap?

The two most important laws addressing pay discrimination between genders have been around for more than six decades, yet the pay gap persists. In this video, we look at the laws and court cases used to enforce equal pay for equal work, and discuss what comes next with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and EEOC Chair Charlotte Burrows.

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