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Big Law’s Talent Shortage Raises Vexing Questions on ‘Quality’

Big Law partners struggle with the idea of hiring more associates who work less hours, citing concerns over “quality.” But the largest firms have already, and quietly, doubled the share of law school graduates they hire since 2011. If the trend continues it will lead to an absurdity of the extreme. So, what’s really behind these “quality” concerns?

Why Can’t We Have One Bar Exam for All Jurisdictions? (Podcast)

Differences in state licensing requirements can mean attorneys may have to take the bar exam multiple times. In the final episode of [Un]Common Law’s three-part look at the bar exam, we ask why can’t there be one single national bar exam that would allow a lawyer to practice in any U.S. jurisdiction?

Pro Bono Innovators one.

The Shadow Docket and How the Supreme Court Uses It Now

The Supreme Court's Shadow Docket has been getting a lot of attention lately. In this video, we explain what the Shadow Docket is, why it exists, and how to make it more transparent.

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Why Can’t We Have One Bar Exam for All Jurisdictions?

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