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Comcast Advertising Monopoly Claims Revived by Appeals Court

Comcast Corp. must face revived claims it used its control over a regional advertising clearinghouse to monopolize “representation services” that coordinate TV ad placements in Chicago, Detroit, and Hartford, Conn., the Seventh Circuit ruled Monday.

MLB Seeks to Toss DraftKings Suits, Says Fans Know Players Cheat

Everyone knows that professional athletes cheat. That’s the defense Major League Baseball offered while asking the Southern District of New York to dismiss proposed class action claims by DraftKings fantasy baseball contestants over the sign-stealing scandal.

Making Millions Off Others’ Lawsuits: How Litigation Finance Works

For centuries it was considered taboo for a third-party to have a financial stake in a lawsuit. Today, thanks to an industry re-examining the relevance of legal doctrines from feudal times, a new crop of firms have sprouted to invest in lawsuits for profit. The concept, known as litigation finance, has quickly spawned a multi-billion dollar industry that is getting the attention of the country’s largest law firms.

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