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Aon Acquisition Antitrust Fight Spotlights ‘Big Customer’ Market

The Justice Department’s suit to block Aon Plc‘s $30 billion proposed acquisition of Willis Towers Watson Plc raises the question of whether servicing large, multinational companies for their insurance demands is a market distinct enough to warrant antitrust protection.

Tipped Workers to Get More Pay for Side Work in DOL Proposal

The U.S. Labor Department proposed reinstating a longstanding policy, revoked late in the Trump administration, that would require restaurants to pay tipped workers a higher minimum wage when they’re performing work that doesn’t directly generate gratuities.

If Women Still Earn Less, Can Laws Even Fix The Pay Gap?

The two most important laws addressing pay discrimination between genders have been around for more than six decades, yet the pay gap persists. In this video, we look at the laws and court cases used to enforce equal pay for equal work, and discuss what comes next with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and EEOC Chair Charlotte Burrows.

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