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Opioid Case Spotlights Use of AI for Health-Care Fraud

A software developer’s scheme to rig alerts to doctors so they would write more opioid prescriptions shows that bringing artificial intelligence into health-care decision-making has opened up new possibilities for fraud.

Mallinckrodt Defends Acthar Price in Bid to Toss Latest Case

Mallinckrodt ARD LLC defended its decision to raise the price of the multiple sclerosis drug Acthar by a factor of 1,000, arguing in New Jersey federal court that the drug’s status as a “gold standard” treatment is “the obvious reason for that price.”

Farelogix Emails Show Prior Concern Over Sabre’s Dominance

Farelogix’s top executive expressed concern in the past that Sabre Corp.'s growing power over airlines and travel agencies would lead to higher flight costs and fewer options for consumers, according to emails and documents presented at trial by the Justice Department.

Bias Complaints Spur Probe of Labor Board Watchdog

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is reviewing three discrimination complaints against federal labor board Inspector General David Berry, and two members of Congress are asking questions about the watchdog’s behavior on the job, according to investigatory reports and letters between board officials and lawmakers obtained by Bloomberg Law.

PFAS: The 'Forever Chemicals'

97% of Americans have a detectable amount of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, in their blood, but we don’t yet know all of their health effects. The EPA says more than 600 PFAS chemicals are in the marketplace in the U.S., and the OECD says there could be 5,000 types worldwide. States are racing to regulate PFAS, while the federal government lags.

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