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American Indian Wins SCOTUS Case With Tribal Land Implications

An American Indian man serving a life sentence for child sex crimes has won his U.S. Supreme Court appeal in a case that could have vast implications for Oklahoma’s criminal and civil jurisdiction as well as tribal sovereignty in the eastern half of that state.

Supreme Court Again Punts on Religious Issue in Obamacare Case

The U.S. Supreme Court dodged a critical question Wednesday when it handed the Trump Administration a win in a case over Obamacare’s birth control coverage rule—whether the Religious Freedom Restoration Act compelled the government to adopt broad exemptions to the requirement that employers provide health plans that pay in full for employees’ birth control.

Jones Day Female Lawyers Want Nationwide Pay, Performance Data

Jones Day and a group of female lawyers suing for alleged systemic sex discrimination will ask a federal judge today to decide whether the firm must allow the women to review pay and performance evaluation data for more than 2,000 lawyers nationwide for possible evidence supporting their claims.

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Telehealth Is Booming During Covid. Is it Here to Stay?

Millions of Americans have taken advantage of telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic, so why has it taken so long for widespread adoption?

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