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Warren Seeks SEC Insider Trading Probe After Kodak Shares Surge

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants U.S. regulators to examine possible insider trading and disclosure violations involving Eastman Kodak Co. after the former film company’s shares soared when it announced a surprise foray into generic drugs with help from a $765 million government loan.

Quinn Emanuel’s $185 Million Fee Is Either a Bargain or Rip-Off

A request by Quinn Emanuel to receive $185 million in fees for a case that required relatively few hours but achieved a huge reward highlights a fundamental argument about whether lawyers should be compensated based on the amount of time they work or the value they bring to a case.

Pelosi-Mnuchin Talks Resume Today After First Hints of Progress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin head into another round of negotiations Tuesday on a new virus relief package after talks yielded “a little bit” of progress despite the wide gap that still remains between Republicans and Democrats.

Uber’s Win Survives Arbitrator’s Bad Joke, Judge Rules

Uber Technologies Inc.'s arbitration win against predatory pricing claims wasn’t compromised by the arbitrator’s statement that he would “need security” because “people would be after me” if he “ruled Uber illegal,” a Manhattan federal judge ruled, calling the statement an obvious “attempt at humor.”

Coronavirus and the Ballot Box

What will it take to have a free, fair -- and safe -- election? How do we vote during the Coronavirus crisis?

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