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Supreme Court Panel Divided on Expansion Approves Report

A White House Commission studying changes to the U.S. Supreme Court voted unanimously to send its report to President Joe Biden after sidestepping the most controversial proposals to expand the court’s membership or limit the justices’ terms.

Legal Business Gatekeepers Cling to Their Bar Exam (Podcast)

A prominent economist says basic legal tasks should be opened up to people who haven’t necessarily passed the bar, or even possess a law degree. On this episode of On The Merits, our weekly podcast, the Brookings Institution’s Clifford Winston lays out his argument for why lawyers are harming the public good, while also lining their own pockets, by making it so difficult to join their ranks.

East Coast Offshore Wind Threatened by Transmission Bottlenecks

Renewable-energy developers preparing to build in East Coast waters are jockeying for space to plug their power into the grid, raising concerns that a lack of transmission lines could threaten the Biden administration’s goal of powering 10 million homes with offshore wind by 2030.

DEI Framework Listing

Why Nine Justices? Court Packing's History and Future

Since the country’s founding, presidents and congress have sought to shape the Supreme Court in their image.

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Legal Business Gatekeepers Cling to Their Bar Exam

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