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OSHA Is Investigating Amazon Warehouse Over Coronavirus Concerns

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating an Inc. warehouse near Hazleton, Pennsylvania, following complaints from workers that the company is not doing enough to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the facility, an agency spokeswoman said Wednesday.

ABA Urges States to OK Limited Law Practice Without Bar Exam

The American Bar Association Board of Governors approved a resolution late Tuesday that urges states to immediately adopt emergency rules to authorize recent law graduates unable to take a bar exam because of the coronavirus pandemic to engage in limited practice of law.

Agency Freeze on Extra Seasonal Visas Leaves Employers in Limbo

The federal government’s decision to pause tens of thousands of additional visas for non-agricultural seasonal guestworkers means businesses that rely on those workers now face coronavirus-induced labor uncertainty in what should be their peak season.

Coronavirus and the Ballot Box

What will it take to have a free, fair -- and safe -- election? How do we vote during the Coronavirus crisis?

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