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Democrats Work to Salvage Unemployment Deal: Stimulus Update

Senators haggled over a deal on unemployment aid Friday night as the chamber continued to debate the pandemic-relief bill. President Joe Biden made public appeals on Friday for passage of his $1.9 trillion stimulus, meeting with potential recipients of direct payments and highlighting continuing damage in the labor market.

Fidelity Defeats 401(k) Self-Dealing Claims in First Circuit

Fidelity Investments scored a big legal victory Friday, when the First Circuit ruled that the company can’t be liable as an ERISA fiduciary for charging “infrastructure fees” to the mutual funds that appear on its 401(k) investment platform.

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‘I’m Not a Cat’ Takeaways: 5 Virtual Court Tips from Judges

In the wake of lawyer cat, judges from across the country share advice lawyers must know to ace their virtual court appearances.

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