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New Affirmative Action Plan Checks Launched for U.S. Contractors

Companies that do business with the federal government will be required to certify the existence of workplace affirmative action plans regardless of whether they are selected for an audit, the U.S. Labor Department’s contractor watchdog office announced in a policy rollout Thursday.

Electric Vehicle Charger Funds Aim for Equity, U.S.-Made Devices

The Biden administration wants to give precedence to electric vehicle charging projects that advance equity and use American-made chargers in new infrastructure spending, although its efficacy may be limited because many decisions are left up to the states.

Justices Suggest Sweeping Abortion-Rights Pullback

The U.S. Supreme Court’s conservatives suggested they are poised to roll back abortion rights and uphold Mississippi’s ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy, as the court tackled its most consequential reproductive-rights case in a generation.

Pro Bono Innovators one.

The Shadow Docket and How the Supreme Court Uses It Now

The Supreme Court's Shadow Docket has been getting a lot of attention lately. In this video, we explain what the Shadow Docket is, why it exists, and how to make it more transparent.

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