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Religious Vaccine Objections Can Come From ‘Church of One’

Employers should avoid delving too deeply into workers’ professed beliefs when they raise religious objections to mandatory Covid-19 shots, even if they follow a faith that’s neutral toward Covid-19 vaccination or actively endorses it, employment lawyers said.

Abortion Debate Reaches Crescendo at Supreme Court (Podcast)

The case that could overturn the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that recognized abortion as a constitutional right will come before the nine justices tomorrow morning. On today’s episode of On The Merits, our weekly legal news podcast, we explain the stakes behind Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health and why abortion rights activists are so pessimistic about their chances to even maintain the status quo.

Nuclear Bans Tumble as Once-Skeptical States Seek Carbon Cuts

States that were once wary about nuclear power are now mulling policies to move forward with it as a way to decarbonize the electric grid, reach emissions-free energy goals, and preserve jobs in communities with aging and shuttering coal plants.

Demand for Abortion Pill Access Rises With Roe on Precipice

A Supreme Court case that will determine the fate of Roe v. Wade—the landmark ruling that legalized abortion nationwide—has intensified pressure to permanently nix a requirement to only give out pills ending early pregnancy in-person.

The Shadow Docket and How the Supreme Court Uses It Now

The Supreme Court's Shadow Docket has been getting a lot of attention lately. In this video, we explain what the Shadow Docket is, why it exists, and how to make it more transparent.

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