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Gun Rights Group Backs Abortion Providers Over Texas Ban

A gun rights group is siding with abortion providers in the Texas dispute over the nation’s strictest abortion ban. The group fears the law could be used to limit other constitutional rights, in particular the Second Amendment.

U.S. Silent on Joining Global Accord on Sustainability Standards

Mandatory sustainability reporting standards are brewing for companies in the run up to the UN Climate Change Conference starting this weekend, posing the question of what course the U.S. will choose if it spurns the path chosen by other industrialized countries.

D.C. Circuit Poised to Expand Law as it Weighs Trivial Job Bias

A federal appeals court in Washington traded sharp exchanges with lawyers over whether explicit workplace bias could be too small or trivial to violate federal law, in a case that appears likely to overturn precedent on when workers can sue over the denial of a lateral job transfer.

Kaiser Permanente Accused Defrauding Medicare of $1 Billion

Members of Kaiser Permanente’s health-care consortium defrauded Medicare out of about $1 billion by altering patient medical records to add diagnoses after the fact that either didn’t exist or were unrelated to patient visits, the Department of Justice is alleging.

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Big Law's Big Paychecks: Partner Compensation, Explained

Law firm partners in Big Law earn a lot of money, but just how much they make can vary widely. Whether it's equity or non-equity or merit versus lockstep, this video explains what goes into determining the size of those paychecks at elite law firms.

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