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Microsoft’s Activision Deal Set to Test Biden’s Antitrust Regime

Less than three weeks into 2022, President Joe Biden’s antitrust regime is facing its first big test of the year. Microsoft Corp.’s $69 billion all-cash takeover of Activision Blizzard Inc. brings together two major gaming platforms in a deal that directly affects consumers -- and could also raise grievances among some of the tech giant’s biggest rivals.

Ex-Pharma CEO Aided Opioid Sales to Addicts, U.S. Says

The former head of a major generic drug distributor directed U.S. sales of opioids to pharmacies despite “serious red flags” that the powerful medications were being illegally diverted to street dealers and addicts, a prosecutor told jurors at the start of a criminal trial in Manhattan.

How Many Votes? A Guide to Getting It Done in Congress

From the filibuster to the nuclear option, our comprehensive guide to how many votes are needed for almost any scenario in Congress.

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