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Pelosi Awaits Mnuchin Virus Offer Today as Hope for Vote Fades

The three months of squabbling over a new round of virus relief moved no closer to a resolution over the weekend, all but extinguishing the prospects of a stimulus bill being written, voted on, and signed into law by President Donald Trump before the election.

States Chew on Taxing Topic: Dried Cranberries, Fruit or Candy?

A hurtful epithet frequently hurled at the dried cranberry may soon be lifted by state tax agencies just in time for the holiday season. We’re talking about the word candy—a term that in some jurisdictions transforms the dried cranberry from a tax-free, vitamin-packed superfood into a taxable high-calorie, no-nutrition belly bomb.

Why Nine Justices? Court Packing's History and Future

Since the country’s founding, presidents and congress have sought to shape the Supreme Court in their image.

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