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9th Cir. Nixes Grubhub’s Bid to Apply Prop. 22 Retroactively

Grubhhub Inc. must continue to defend a six-year-old lawsuit alleging it misclassified food delivery drivers under California’s rigid worker-status test, the Ninth Circuit said Monday in denying the gig company’s push to wield Proposition 22 against one of its former drivers.

Biden Vaccine Orders Could Collide with State Mandate Limits

President Joe Biden’s workplace vaccine mandates set up a conundrum for employers in places where state law limits their ability to require Covid-19 shots for their workers—placing businesses squarely between those kinds of prohibitions and the likely-superseding federal authority, leaving them prime targets for litigation no matter what they do.

How Many Votes? A Guide to Getting It Done in Congress

Our comprehensive guide to how many votes are needed for almost any scenario in Congress.

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