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OSHA Exposed to Culture Wars Backlash Through Vaccine Mandate

The federal government’s workplace safety arm has proven resilient to controversy during its half-century existence, but President Joe Biden‘s vaccination directive has propelled it into the American culture wars, putting its reputation as a by-the-book agency on the line.

Ice Cube’s ‘Check Yo Self’ Suit Against Robinhood Eighty-Sixed

Robinhood Markets Inc. shook off, for good this time, claims by rapper and actor Ice Cube that the company used his likeness and work to hype products that tarnished his brand, after a federal magistrate found he didn’t “plausibly plead” that consumers would think he endorsed the products.

Biden Drug Price Pressure on Patent Office Draws Skeptics

The Biden administration’s approach to bring down drug costs by challenging aspects of the U.S. patent system lines up with a push from Democrats and Republicans in Congress, but skeptics say it’s looking in the wrong direction.

How Many Votes? A Guide to Getting It Done in Congress

Our comprehensive guide to how many votes are needed for almost any scenario in Congress.

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