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Labor, Gig Companies Are Said to Be Near Bargaining Deal in N.Y.

New legislation creating collective bargaining rights for gig-economy workers is poised to be introduced in New York State in the coming weeks, according to the president of the Transport Workers Union. If passed, the proposal would represent the fulfillment of a long-sought goal for companies like Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc.: a compromise that stops short of making workers into full employees.

Cooley Bets on the Midwest Venture Scene with New Chicago Office

Cooley’s official launch of a 10-partner Chicago outpost on Monday is a culmination of what firm vice chair Mike Lincoln said was a decade of scoping out the Midwestern venture capital scene, which he believes can support the firm’s full-service office ambitions.

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Are New Pipelines Doomed? Oil & Gas Delivery Explained

A series of high profile legal setbacks has some in the industry asking—is it still possible to build pipelines in America?

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