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Pandemic Precedents Cast Shadow on Shot-or-Test Rule

The Cincinnati-based federal appeals court handling the legal challenge to the Biden administration’s shot-or-test regulation has ruled against other government responses to the coronavirus pandemic in decisions that don’t bode well for the emergency measure’s survival.

Ninth Circuit Conservatives Use Muscle to Signal Supreme Court

Fueled largely by the court’s conservative bloc that grew under Donald Trump, instances of judges authoring and signing on to dissents in the Ninth Circuit have skyrocketed. Driving that increase were dissents disagreeing when colleagues decline to rehear a case before a larger panel of judges, which are seen as a way of signaling the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lockstep Pay on Its Last Limbs After ‘Historic’ Cravath Move

An industry that once attributed many of its best qualities to its dedication to pay partners based on seniority is down to just two strict adherents to the so-called “lockstep” compensation system after Cravath, Swaine & Moore adjusted its model on Monday to fend off poaching.

Mirae Win Over Dajia in $5.8 Billion Busted-Deal Case Is Upheld

Mirae Global Asset Investment Co. persuaded Delaware’s top court to uphold its victory Wednesday against a bid by Dajia Insurance Co. to compel closing of their $5.8 billion hotel deal, which Mirae walked away from when the Covid-19 pandemic crippled the hospitality industry in early 2020.

DEI Framework Listing

Big Law Says Goodbye to Five-Day In-Office Work Weeks

Leaders from Big Law firms share return to office plans for their firms, and their thoughts on when working in person is essential for lawyers and when it is not.

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