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Chauvin Now Faces Federal Charges in Death of George Floyd

Derek Chauvin and the three other former Minneapolis police officers involved in the death of George Floyd last May were indicted by a federal grand jury for violating Floyd’s constitutional rights during an arrest that sparked nationwide protests over police violence against Black people.

Emergency Covid Rule Drawn Out by More White House Meetings

The White House’s regulatory office has decided to spend more time reviewing an OSHA Covid-19 emergency temporary standard, granting a string of new meetings with union and business groups, even as the pandemic begins to show signs of subsiding.

Wall Street’s Fringes Draw IRS Ire Over Green ‘Tax Scam’ Sales

New York fund manager Andrew Beer got an unsolicited email offer a few months ago that sounded too good to be true -- join other investors to buy 276 acres of land in Mississippi, promise never to develop it, and get whopping tax deductions of as much as five times the amount invested.

Legally Rigging Elections: Redistricting, a Brief History

A lot has been written about gerrymandering — the process of manipulating maps for political gain — but what's rarely discussed is why it's even legal.

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