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Critical Eye on Cops Tests Garland’s Police Reform Commitment

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision to launch Justice Department investigations into the police departments in Louisville, Ky., and Minneapolis should just be the first step, civil rights advocates say, in what will be a sweeping and extended look into policing practices across the country.

Women Break Ground in Shaping Infrastructure Plans in Congress

President Joe Biden and men on powerful House and Senate committees are laying out their visions of an ambitious infrastructure strategy they want to get enacted this year. But women are likely to steer much of the work as Congress gets ready to begin moving legislation that could cost in the trillions of dollars.

Courts Diverge on Contracts That Shorten Time for #MeToo Claims

An Ohio police officer’s years-long sexual harassment case ended before she could argue it in court, thanks to a contractual six-month statute of limitations—a scenario that’s garnered attention in the wake of the #MeToo movement and a broader push by states to give workers more time to sue.

Andrew Wheeler, Former EPA Boss, Charts a New Course

Andrew Wheeler, who headed the EPA during the Trump administration, says he’s going to focus on issues such as the global recycling waste stream and the unintended consequences of environmental regulations in his new role as a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Legally Rigging Elections: Redistricting, a Brief History

A lot has been written about gerrymandering — the process of manipulating maps for political gain — but what's rarely discussed is why it's even legal.

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