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Biden Gets Gupta Confirmed for DOJ as Post-Chauvin Tempers Flare

The Senate voted narrowly to confirm Vanita Gupta, President Joe Biden’s nominee for the No. 3 position at the Justice Department, in a near party-line vote after a debate that invoked the national dialogue over police reform and civil rights in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing.

Apple Accused of ‘Power Grab’ in Senate App Store Hearing

Music-streaming service Spotify Technology SA and Match Group Inc., which operates online dating apps, accused Apple Inc. of squeezing software developers that depend on its App Store to reach customers by extracting monopoly profits and squashing competition.

Floyd Family Settlement Among Grounds for Chauvin Appeal

From the beginning of the prosecution of the former Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd, defense lawyer Eric Nelson laid out numerous paths to appeal the conviction—from the viral nature of the video of Floyd’s death to comments by a member of Congress as the case went to the jury.

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Qualified Immunity: Origins of a Police Liability Shield

The legal doctrine of qualified immunity shields public officials from civil liability. It was created by the U.S. Supreme Court and is in the spotlight with the national debate over police accountability.

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