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Biden Labor Board Counsel Revives Fired Googlers’ Claims

Three more Google employees’ firings should be added to a complaint accusing the company of illegally retaliating against activists, the federal labor board’s top prosecutor said in a letter, reversing determinations made under the Trump administration.

Peloton Tumbles on Treadmill Recall, Sales Halt on Safety

Peloton Interactive Inc. recalled its treadmill products and will stop selling them after a child died and more than 70 safety incidents were reported, walking back an earlier position that the devices were safe if used properly. The shares fell 15%, the most in about six months.

Trump Facebook Ban Upheld as Review Board Extends Exile

Donald Trump remains banned from posting on Facebook for now, the company’s independent content oversight board ruled, leaving the former U.S. president without his most powerful tools for fundraising, rallying supporters and venting grievances.

Legally Rigging Elections: Redistricting, a Brief History

A lot has been written about gerrymandering — the process of manipulating maps for political gain — but what's rarely discussed is why it's even legal.

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