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DOL Chief’s Gig Worker Decision: Is Legal War Worth the Risk?

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh recently said gig workers “in a lot of cases” should be treated as employees rather than independent contractors. But the real question is whether the Biden administration has the appetite for a high-stakes legal war with a gig-economy heavyweight, or whether it will opt for a more measured strategy.

Biden’s Audit-the-Rich Target of $700 Billion Seen as Tall Order

President Joe Biden’s plan to raise $700 billion over a decade from increased tax audits of the wealthy and corporations -- a major funding source for his economic-investment proposals -- will probably take years to bear fruit and faces skepticism that the figure is realistic.

N.Y. Blasts Broadband Firms for Fake Net Neutrality Comments

The biggest U.S. broadband companies financed a “secret campaign” in 2017 to generate millions of fake public comments to the Federal Communications Commission to provide cover for the regulator’s planned repeal of net neutrality rules, New York’s top law enforcement officer said.

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Legally Rigging Elections: Redistricting, a Brief History

A lot has been written about gerrymandering — the process of manipulating maps for political gain — but what's rarely discussed is why it's even legal.

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