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Senate Moves Forward on $550 Billion Infrastructure Deal

The Senate on Wednesday voted to move ahead with a broad infrastructure package, just hours after a bipartisan group of senators and President Joe Biden reached accord on a $550 billion plan that is a major step forward for the White House’s economic agenda.

Changing Mask Guidance Confuses Employers and Workers

Liisa Luick worked through the height of the Covid-19 pandemic lock down as a sales associate in the men’s department at the Macy’s department store in Lynnwood, Wash. Throughout that time she’s routinely masked-up even after face coverings became optional there.

Suit Seeks to Halt H-1B Visa System Called ‘Rife’ With Abuse

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ new electronic registration system for aspiring H-1B visa applicants is alleged to be rife with fraud and abuse due to bad actors overloading the system with more applications than there are applicants. More than 500 people have sued to shut down the new system, but doing so could come with costs.

Infrastructure Bills Are Easy, Try Building Stuff

As Congress continues to debate a massive infrastructure bill, we look at five reasons why it's so difficult to build stuff in America.

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