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‘Kid-Uber’ Apps Are Disrupting the Old Yellow School Bus Model

Rideshare companies for children are rapidly expanding to serve K-12 schools, worrying labor union representatives who fear the tech-savvy, quicker, and often cheaper modes of transportation may arrive at the expense of bus drivers and kids. Now thousands of K-12 schools and local government agencies nationally are paying these rideshare companies to take students to school and back.

Labor Secretary’s Longtime Colleague Racks Up Work Lobbying DOL

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh’s longtime chief counsel when he was Boston mayor made his first foray into lobbying in late March and engaged the U.S. Department of Labor on behalf of more individual clients than any other federal lobbyist from April through June.

Pot in pots

Cannabis Practice Creates Ethical Traps, Conflicts for Lawyers

Ethical and legal snags abound for lawyers representing cannabis industry clients in the growing number of states where weed is legal, requiring extra due diligence to ensure compliance, attorneys familiar with the rapidly evolving business tell Bloomberg Law.

The Morgan Stanley Memo: What a Law Firm Client Wants (Podcast)

Morgan Stanley’s top attorney sent the legal world buzzing with a memo that essentially told the law firms that they work with, if they want business from the financial giant, their lawyers should no longer be working from home. On this episode of On The Merits, we talk about the memo heard ‘round the legal industry.

Infrastructure Bills Are Easy, Try Building Stuff

As Congress continues to debate a massive infrastructure bill, we look at five reasons why it's so difficult to build stuff in America.

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The Morgan Stanley Memo: What A Law Firm Client Wants

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