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Starbucks Is Racking Up Labor Law Violations as Rulings Roll in

Starbucks Corp. has repeatedly violated federal labor law, a growing number of administrative rulings have found. Former NLRB members and agency attorneys say the cases shed light on the coffee chain’s potential legal strategy for handling complaints related to its effort to fight unionization.

Noncompete Policing Boosted With Second Agency Entering Fray

The Biden administration’s chief labor law enforcer created an immediate problem for employers that use noncompete agreements even as they await a broader ban on those restrictive contracts from another agency, the Federal Trade Commission.

The Artificial Intelligence Dilemma: Can Laws Keep Up?

The risks that artificial intelligence represents have come into sharper focus: disinformation, potential job loss, perhaps even an existential threat to humanity. Is government capable of putting guardrails around such a fast-moving technology?

Kagan Takes Small But Real Step Toward High Court Transparency

Former deputy solicitor general of the US Philip Allen Lacovara says that Justice Elena Kagan made a small concession toward greater disclosure by providing the reason she recused from a case in the court’s weekly orders list. If other justices follow her lead, incremental changes like this could start to rebuild trust in the court, Lacovara writes.

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