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Prison Labor Reformers Hang Hopes on State Anti-Slavery Measures

Voters in a growing number of states have approved ballot initiatives banning slavery or involuntary servitude as a form of criminal punishment, opening new legal ground as part of a larger push to crack down on a prison labor system that pays inmates less than $1 per hour or nothing at all.

Trump Loses Special Master Review in Mar-a-Lago Files Case

The Justice Department’s criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s handling of White House documents got a major boost Thursday, as a federal appeals court ruled a judge was wrong to interfere with the probe by appointing a special master to review material seized from the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home.

The Billable Hour: Why Big Law Just Can't Quit It

The billable hour, for better or worse, dominates Big Law. Here's how that happened. Also, the main arguments for it, criticisms against it, and how some of the alternative fee arrangements stack up.

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