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TikTok Dance Creators Struggle to Win Credit and Copyrights

Choreographers are increasingly turning to an arguably outdated copyright system amid a social media explosion that offers artists a potential worldwide audience while also stoking new questions and challenges over the rights and rewards of creative content.

Yale, MIT Lose Bid to End Suit Alleging Admissions Collusion

More than a dozen elite US colleges—including Yale, Columbia, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology—must face antitrust litigation over their alleged conspiracy to hold down financial aid packages while telling the world they admit applicants regardless of financial need, a federal judge in Chicago ruled Monday.

Apple AirPods Surgery, Juror’s Internet Sleuthing Scuttled Trial

An Apple Inc. AirPods patent-infringement case, deemed a mistrial soon after a California jury began deliberating, was caused by one juror’s internet research and another’s surgery on a pair of earbuds to demonstrate the obviousness of a disputed invention, court filings show.

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Steven Davis and the Rise and Fall of Dewey & LeBoeuf

On May 28, 2012, Dewey & LeBoeuf, the product of a merger between two storied New York law firms, filed for bankruptcy. For the first time, Dewey's former chair Steven Davis opens up about the years, months, and weeks leading to his firm's collapse, the decisions he made and, looking back, whether he would have done anything differently.

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