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US Boosts Spying Safeguards in Bid to Shore Up EU Data Flows

The US government cemented its policy commitments toward a data privacy pact with Europe that’s poised to lift a cloud of legal uncertainty hanging over companies such as Meta Platforms Inc.‘s Facebook and Alphabet Inc.‘s Google that transfer data across the Atlantic.

Tweedy Law School Deans Break Out Calculators (Correct)

Law school dean once was a dream job for attorneys who prefer the ivory tower to the daily grind of billable hours. These days, the position is more like being chief executive of a sprawling business than a tweed-clad dispenser of constitutional wisdom.

Prince, Andy Warhol, and Fair Use at the Supreme Court

Did Andy Warhol violate copyright law when he used a photo of Prince as source material? We explore the case, and the key consideration of "transformative use" in this video.

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