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Vidal Flexes First Sanctions Power in OpenSky ‘Abuse’ Case

The yearslong patent dispute between Intel Corp. and VLSI Technology LLC reached an emphatic turning point Tuesday, as US Patent and Trademark Office Director Kathi Vidal issued her first sanctions against a patent challenger for “abuse” of the system in what attorneys called an “unusual” case.

Lopsided Fee-Shifting Provisions Cross Ideological Divides

Second Amendment and abortion rights advocates may have found common ground in opposing two nearly identical, very unusual, and allegedly unconstitutional one-way fee-shifting provisions contained in controversial laws passed in Texas and California.

Prince, Andy Warhol, and Fair Use at the Supreme Court

Did Andy Warhol violate copyright law when he used a photo of Prince as source material? We explore the case, and the key consideration of "transformative use" in this video.

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