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Shakira’s Tax Case Confirms Residency Matters Whenever, Wherever

Prosecutors in Spain are calling for more than 8 years in prison in their tax fraud case against pop star Shakira. The entertainer, now a household name, has denied the charges. What does this mean for those of us who aren’t Grammy-winning superstars? Plenty. When it comes to tax, residency is important no matter who you are.

Bartlit Beck Gets a Record Boost From Return of Trial Work

Jason Peltz runs a law firm that makes its name handling major trials for the country’s biggest companies. With many courtrooms closed and trials indefinitely postponed, the past two-plus years have been a test for Peltz and the nearly 80 lawyers at Chicago-based Bartlit Beck.

Walgreens Liable for Opioid-Fueled Nuisance in San Francisco

Walgreen Co. pharmacies in San Francisco dispensed “hundreds of thousands of red flag opioid prescriptions,” many of which were diverted for illicit use and contributed to the opioid epidemic in the city, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

How Suspended Lawyer Derailed NRA Donors’ $1 Billion Claim

A claim that by one estimate could have been worth $1 billion is nearing its last breath. The plaintiffs, well-heeled donors who allege NRA leaders used their contributions to fund lavish lifestyles, have barely a week to find a new lawyer willing to take on the gun-rights group.

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Steven Davis and the Rise and Fall of Dewey & LeBoeuf

On May 28, 2012, Dewey & LeBoeuf, the product of a merger between two storied New York law firms, filed for bankruptcy. For the first time, Dewey's former chair Steven Davis opens up about the years, months, and weeks leading to his firm's collapse, the decisions he made and, looking back, whether he would have done anything differently.

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