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Sinema Breaks From Dems While Letting Them Keep Senate Grip

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema declared as an independent Friday but made clear she won’t caucus with Republicans, maintaining Democrats’ newly expanded control of the chamber, committee subpoena power and ability to advance judicial nominees.

Trump’s Attorneys in Closed Hearing After Contempt Reports

The day after Donald Trump effectively gave up his court fight over government documents seized by the FBI from his Mar-a-Lago home, his lawyers were in a Washington courthouse amid reports the Justice Department has asked for the former president to be held in contempt in connection with the records probe.

Control of Democratic Elections Hinges on Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court is set to hear a North Carolina redistricting case, Moore v. Harper. In this video we look at that case and the far-reaching legal theory at the center of it. If adopted, the court could shift federal election power to state legislatures, not subject to review by any other state authority.

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