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Cawthorn Court Battle Lives On Even After His Candidacy Crashes

A federal appeals court rejected a lower court’s finding that a Civil War-era law protects Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R) and other politicians accused of insurrection, but deliberately kept alive the question of whether the 14th Amendment bars anyone who commits insurrection from seeking public office.

Musk Manipulated Market Before Twitter Takeover, Suit Says

A Twitter Inc. investor sued the company and its would-be acquirer, Elon Musk, claiming the world’s richest man has intentionally raised public doubts about the proposed $44 billion takeover as part of a scheme to effectively reduce the transaction’s cost by manipulating the stock market.

Postal ID Checks Floated as Selfie Alternative to Fight Fraud

Post offices across the U.S. have the potential to play a larger role in proving a person’s identity to access unemployment and other government benefits, while also addressing privacy and fairness concerns over technology used to prevent fraud.

If Women Still Earn Less, Can Laws Even Fix The Pay Gap?

The two most important laws addressing pay discrimination between genders have been around for more than six decades, yet the pay gap persists. In this video, we look at the laws and court cases used to enforce equal pay for equal work, and discuss what comes next with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and EEOC Chair Charlotte Burrows.

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