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Cannabis Measure Left Off Defense Bill in Setback for Industry

A marijuana banking measure was left out of a must-pass defense bill, significantly narrowing the chances that legislation to clear the way for legal cannabis businesses to use the financial system can get passed before Democrats lose control of the House in January.

Want ESG in Your 401(k) Plan? Labor Regulators Left You Options

A do-good retirement investing rule set to take effect in January will allow employers to consider “participants’ preferences” in selecting and monitoring 401(k) menu options, a first for the heavily regulated private-sector investment selection process.

Control of Democratic Elections Hinges on Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court is set to hear a North Carolina redistricting case, Moore v. Harper. In this video we look at that case and the far-reaching legal theory at the center of it. If adopted, the court could shift federal election power to state legislatures, not subject to review by any other state authority.

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